Programs & Events

STYSA South Texas Cup

The South Texas Cup is a State-wide tournament geared specifically towards Recreation level teams and will offer the kids in that level of play a competitive tournament. This is not a tournament for our D2 Competitive Teams.

STYSA Directors Cup

The Directors Cup is a STYSA tournament best suited four our D2 teams that did not finish in 1st or 2nd place in their division. You'll play against other D2 talent from across the state.

USYS Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is an ideal tournament for the teams in our local competitive eague that finished in 1st or 2nd in their category. You'll play against top-level D1 teams.

USYS State Cup

The State Cup is a tournament for the elite team - local teams that have gone to nationals in the Presidents Cup or won nationals at the Presidents Cup should go after this prestigious gold medal!